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  1. says:

    Hi! Thank you for breaking this down into smaller pieces and putting it all in one place! So I have been using many of your book/theme bundles with my ASD students. I like the comprehension cards for practicing those WH questions. I have a student that is trying to learn to associate location/where, person/who, and what/object/activity. I like to mix the response type options when I ask a WH question (person, location, object, action – so “where was the girl? have pic of girl, forest, muffin, walking etc as choices) but don’t want student to pick up on visual formatting differences if I use different sized cards. Have you thought of including more diverse word types in your vocabulary packs that go with the story (it varies, sometimes you have them – melt for example – but other times those vocabulary cards are mostly nouns.) Thank you!

    1. Marisha says:

      Yes! That makes so much sense! I will do some brainstorming and see what we can do. 🙂

  2. Connie Simpson says:

    The visuals for the wh questions will be my next addition to my literacy based therapy.

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