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  1. says:

    I’m curious what information you have regarding pacing of the different steps. So for example last year I did 1 theme per week and aligned them with the pre-k teacher since these topics were typically relevant for my lower functioning kids and kindergarteners. Also, not all of the kids within my groups are at the same frequency, so for example I might see a kid one day by himself for 30 min and a second session per week with a classmate. So one student may miss some steps. I also have a couple of 3rd graders with goals for pre-teaching curriculum based vocabulary. Do you feel its more important to dive deep into a topic across multiple sessions than to keep up with the class? I like to pre-teach, but that “pre” means being a step ahead of the teacher and I find that doesn’t work out very often. Thank you!

    1. Marisha says:

      Great questions!

      I tend to prioritize diving deeper (rather than keeping up with the class). As SLPs, we get to teach strategies (i.e., teaching them to fish). If we’re doing our job right, we’re giving students the strategies that they can use to benefit from the other lessons–even if we’re not teaching them explicitly.

      I think it does help to pre-teach. I find that students benefit more from in class instruction when I do that. It’s not always feasible, and I just do what I can! 🙂

      As for your question about timing, I think this month’s planning session would be super helpful!
      If you are seeing students separately, you can schedule to more general activities (e.g., pre-knowledge, reading the book) when they’re all together. That’s actually a really great set up, because then you can dive into their specific skills in smaller groups! (This is Step 4 of the framework I talk about in the video.)

      Hope that helps!

  2. Chloe says:

    Mariana thank you so so much for all these great ideas. I will definitely be using them in my upcoming tax sessions. Love the one about making a newscast. That’ll be perfectly paired with Epic books. Thanks again for making my life easier!

  3. Makayla Martin says:

    I have a similar question in that sometimes when I use a book, I am not sure how long to go with it. Sometimes, I feel a little guilty that I have spent almost a whole session doing pre-reading and other activities, but have not really addressed some of their goals in that session or provided opportunities for practice. How to you ensure that each session you are making sure that their goals are being addressed? Any tips on that? Thanks! And I have REALLY enjoyed these videos and materials 🙂

    1. says:

      I just made a video that will hopefully answer your questions! 😀

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