Step 4: Plan Your First Week


You are almost ready to go! Your sessions are scheduled. Now we just need to figure out one last thing before the students start running in… What are we going to do?!

You already have a fabulous start. You know which goals you will be targeting, which is 83% of the equation. (Yup, that’s a very technical number there.)

Now, we just need to figure out the “glue” of the session. Will you be reading a book to target the students’ goals? Will you be using a reading passage from the classroom? Or will you be collecting baseline data?

Whatever it is, add in a quick note! Your brain will thank you come Monday morning.

  1. Click on any session in your Planner.
  2. Type in the activity in the “Activity” box. You can also add additional notes in the “Note” box below.
  3. Click “Save” to save your changes.
  4. Repeat for all sessions.