Step 5: Take Some Data


It’s here… Monday morning and you’re feeling great! You just had your first session, and it went really well. Let’s enter that data, shall we?

  1. Click on the session of your choice.
  2. Click the “Attendance” toggle to mark students who attended the session.
  3. Click the white “Data Collection” button to take data in real-time or manually enter the accuracy for each goal targeted.
    • Accuracy: Enter your probe data here.
    • Accuracy with Support: Enter the accuracy that the student achieved when given the level of support that you described.
    • Level of Support: Describe the level of support that you provided (e.g., verbal cues).
  4. Click on “Load Template” to generate a Medicaid-friendly summary of your session. Feel free to add your own notes here too!
  5. Click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

You are DONE!

Here’s a quick peek at how I collected data for a session using the Data Collection button:

BONUS: If you want quick access to the session summary, click the clipboard next to your student’s name on the dashboard. You can then paste the note into your billing software (Control/Command + V)! How easy is that?!