Step 6: Review Student Progress


One of the best parts of SLP Now is the ability to quickly and easily review student progress. Look at that graph! SLP Now ”auto-magically” makes it for you! If that doesn’t give you heart eyes…

To view your own graphs…

  1. Click on the “Caseload” tab.
  2. Click on a student’s name.
  3. Check out that graph!

You can also mark the goal as “Mastered” in this view.

Why mark goals as mastered? You will be able to see which goals are mastered when viewing your sessions in the Planner. (I don’t know about you, but I sometimes lose track of which goals are mastered or not…! This will help us prioritize and spend time on the goals that need the most attention.)

Why graph progress? Being able to spot trends in a student’s progress give us the tools that we can use to troubleshoot and provide more effective services.

What is a goal line? The graph also includes a goal line (based on the student’s baseline and goal accuracy), making it easy to identify students who aren’t making adequate progress. Ideally, a student’s accuracy will be on or above the goal line.